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The King's Epic Adventure Part III (2010)

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Bagelman serves as item shopkeeper and weapons dealer in Gaspra's Tower in The Quest For YouTube. In "The King's Epic Adventure," he serves as a barkeep to Dr. Robotnik.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Bagelman is just that - a bagel with black beady eyes, black arms and black legs.


Not much is known about Bagelman except from Geibuchan's description. He's an optimistic bagel of the age of 20. He causes things to happen forcing him and his friends to go on adventures. He has a way to coerce people into doing what they don't want to do, like say, make them drink shit.


Bagelman has demonstrated the ability to stretch his limbs - such as when he stretched his leg out to get to behind the bar counter - and to materialize drinks.


Bagelman doesn't truly play too big of a story in the game, except to be the party's merchant. In the "King's Epic Adventure" side-quest, he appears a barkeep to Dr. Robotnik, trying to convince him to drink shit. When that doesn't work, he materializes an Ice-e for him, only to get it to be the wrong flavor. Should the player complete the side-quest in its entirety, he sells the shit drinks as the ultimate healing item... for a hefty price.


  • Bagelman was intended to be a playable character after completing the Epic Adventure side-quest as a Mimic character. This idea was scrapped due to complications.
  • Despite showing up for a minute in the source material, Bagelman has become somewhat of a fan favorite amongst the viewers.
  • Should there be a sequel, Bagelman will be a playable character using his own weapons and move list.
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