Captain Cyril
"If I must..."

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Captain Cyril


YouTube Poop - Rise of the Evil Traitor part 1 (2009)

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YouTube Poop RPG: The Quest for YouTube (2011)



Not to be confused with the Last Word character, Captain Cyril.

Captain Cyril is the captain of the Hylian Guard and possibly Link's rival for Zelda's affection.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Cyril wears armor specifically worn by the Hylian soldiers, lighter armor consisting of chain mail and a gold tabard bearing the Royal Crest along with leather boots. He carries a long metal shield, which have feet that allows them to rest on the ground. His spear has this feature as well.


Cyril is one of few people in the YouTube Poop universe with a sane personality. He rolls his eyes at the randomness. He takes his job very seriously and will defend the Royal Family should the need arise. He has eyes for Zelda, though he will not admit it. He hates Link for being close to her, but also because he thinks he's an idiot.


Cyril is quite the master with a spear and other weapons, even teaching Link a skill or two.


The Quest for YouTubeEdit

Cyril appears in Hyrule Castle if Link speaks to King Harkinian in Act I, or if the player speaks to Gaspra in Act II. He will train Link/the player before challenging them to a sparring match. Should the player win, he'll give him a Piece of Heart and a chance to recruit him if the player speaks to him again.

If the player recruits Cyril before leaving to Koridai, Cyril will have some dialogue in certain parts of the story, mainly showing his disinterest in the adventure.


Cyril is promoted to lead different branches of the Unification Squad, much to his chagrin. However, he agrees to do it upon Zelda's request.


  • Cyril was an original character created by Achille12345 in his now deleted "Rise of the Evil Traitor."
  • The Creator made Cyril the way he is in game because he wanted a character that felt resentment for being in a world of insanity.
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