Gamelon is an island territory which was ruled by King Harkinian's cousin, Duke Onkled. It is the setting for the game Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon. Harkinian traveled to Gamelon when it was attacked, to aid his cousin.

Gamelon is a large, heavily forested island. Its largest settlement is the port town of Sakado as well as the barren coastlines around the land. There are also large plains like Aru Ainu with abandoned villages plundered by Ganon. The agricultural region of Kobitan experiences major food shortages because of Ganon's rule. The forests and swamps are predominant, home to many hermits and sprites willing to assist Zelda. Tykogi Tower exists on the eastern coast, a prison for many people of Sakado. Dodomai Palace is the residence of Duke Onkled and the main parliamental building Reesong Palace hold as Ganon's lair.