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Zelda's Adventure (1994)

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Mark Andrade

Gaspra is an old wizard who is an astronomer in Tolemac. He learns of Ganon's conquest of Tolemac, and uses magic to summon Zelda. He gives her the magic pendant, which grants her the strength to fight against Ganon, and tells her to save the celestial signs and Link, and that each sign she acquires will give her knowledge. He then congratulates her for saving Tolemac after she does so, and says that the people of the land will never forget her.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Gaspra is depicted as a stereotypical elderly man with long gray hair and long gray beard. He usually wears red robes with gold trimmings. A few rings don his fingers.


Not much can be said about his personality except he cares a lot for the worlds. He cares for Link and Zelda as though they were his own grandchildren and truly wishes the best for them.


Gaspra can see into other worlds via his magic crystal, and can read the stars to know what events are soon to come. He usually gets his prophecies from an entity called Shurmak.


Before the Quest for YouTubeEdit

It was revealed during the Final Act that Gaspra was at one point a member of Queen Beryl's army to unlock the True Darkness from the core of the worlds. He gave her the knowledge to do so that the God of Order and the God of Chaos had to battle first. Little did he know that not only did the Darkness escape, but the Light of the Worlds as well. As a result, Gaspra returned to Tolemac, hiding any and all information about that terrible day.

The Quest for YouTubeEdit

Gaspra watches over Link and Zelda during their journey. Once both have finished their trials and tribulations in both Koridai and Gamelon, he teleports them to Tolemac to begin thier attack against Queen Beryl. Throughout the game, he tells the player the task they need to do, where an ally could be, etc. Even though his past as an Anonymous agent is revealed, he's forgiven because of all that's he done for the team.

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