Gemini Drake


Gemini Drake


billed: 6'3"
real: 6'1"


170 lbs.


June 8th, 1985




Billed from:

Chicago, Illinois
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sherman, Illinois

Trained by:

John Michael




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Gemini Drake (born June 8, 1985) is the wrestling persona of Gemini Drake created in 1998 for the Williamsville Wrestling Federation via fanfiction writing. Originally going by the name, Gemini, he went on to score almost every major title in his first federation and was the leader for most of the rebelling teams against the authority figures. Having grown up, he doesn't try to rebel too often against his bosses, though will should the time come up again. He learned to wrestle in the real world in 2002 when he joined the backyard entertainment federation, the AW - Adrenaline Wrestling. Nowadays, Gemini doesn't do too many e-feds any more, but sticks around for any video game federations if asked to join.

Williamsville Wrestling Federation (1998-2001)Edit

Rebellion Leader (1998-1999)Edit

The Williamsville Wrestling Federation opened its doors on January 2, 1998, in the gymnasium of the Williamsville Junior High School, owned by principal/owner, Rod McQuality. Gemini didn't debut in the show until the end where him and his stable, the Rebellion, challenged Rod and his stable, the Corporation, to war. He was present when his sister, Mahalia, won the WWF Championship off of Rod's "chosen one," Quinn Allen. His "interference" in the match put him and fellow team mate, Adele, to be placed in a tag team match at the first "pay-per-view," the Royal Rumble, against Corporation members DeLong and Meredith. Gemini and Adele won the match via disqualification when DeLong smacked him with a chair, hoping to soften him up for the Royal Rumble match. Though Gemini didn't win, he assisted his best friend, John Michael - who went by John Hawley at the time - to get the victory.

For the next two months, Gemini feuded with Television Champion, Tim Beck, who was another member of Rod's Corporation. Their constant fighting led to Gemini getting his shot at the title at the Show of the Immortals, WrestleFest I. He wasn't satisfied in getting a pin fall victory, he wanted his rival to suffer as he made him suffer. He used a submission move he called "The Xena Pinch" to make him tap out, earning him his first title ever.

Unfortunately for him, Rod declared the pinch an illegal move and wanted Gemini to forfeit the title back to Tim. Of course, Gemini refused and ended up making Tim pass out again to the pinch. As the rematch ended, he was attacked by Rod's newest "chosen one," Adam Tayeh, leading them to have a title match at the April pay-per-view, Whiplash. During this match, the referee was knocked out by an inadverted clothesline by Gemini. Adele, who had accompanied him to the ring, grabbed the Television title and attempted to smack Adam with it, but got Gemini instead. One Pedigree later and Adam became the new champion and Adele was captured by the Corporation. Later that night, Gemini was chosen as newcomer, Chris Cook's partner in the Tag Team Championship match against Evil Kitty and Gina. He didn't think they had a chance at winning, but he was surprised when Chris got a roll-up on Gina for the three count.

In May, Gemini wanted to focus on trying to save Adele from the Corporation, but Chris was always booking them in tag matches against random tag teams. He gave the responsibility to Mahalia to save her while he competed in other matches. After the pay-per-view, Apocalypse, Adele returned to the Rebellion and became Gemini's manager once again. For several months, Gemini and Chris held the tag titles until the July pay-per-view, Bad Blood, when they lost them to DeLong and Smitty.

Gemini began displaying heel-like tendencies against Chris, blaming him for screwing up during the match. He made it perfectly clear he didn't want to be his partner any more, but those words fell on deaf ears. At the September pay-per-view, Chris managed to get them a shot at the titles against champs Aaron - Gemini's little brother - and Ryan Brown - his cousin - fellow Rebels. Gemini did all he could to keep from getting him and Chris to become champs again, even going as far as faking a head injury. Unfortunately, Chris managed to get the pin on Aaron, getting them another tag team title reign.

Disgusted with being paired up with Chris again, Gemini tried his utmost hardest to get other tag teams to try to get the titles off of them. Each time, Chris managed to pick up a surprise victory, much to his chagrin. This went on from September until January of 1999 at the second Royal Rumble pay-per-view, the opponents, Confederacy members Cletus B. Grizzly and Eli Fulton. It was during this match, Gemini became full-time heel by turning on Chris, hitting him with his Celestial Fire finisher, and allowing Eli to pin him. He didn't win the Royal Rumble match when he and Chris eliminated each other and brawled toward the backstage area.

Heel turn and WWF Champion (Feb. 1999-Mar. 1999)Edit

Now a heel, Gemini was ex-communicated from the Rebellion by second-in-command, Mahalia on February 5th. To spite her, he challenged WWF Champion, Mark Little, to a title match that night. When it looked like he was going to lose the match, the stable, the Confederacy, interfered on his behalf. After Cletus B. Grizzly smashed a guitar over Mark's head Gemini got the pin and became the new champion. Despite the Confederacy's help, he refused to become a part of their team. At the February pay-per-view, No Escape, he defended his title against both Mark and Steve Mitts, with unwanted help from the Confederacy. Sure enough, WrestleFest II was upon the horizon and Gemini's challenger was none other than Mahalia, who had won the Royal Rumble match. To insure the Confederacy away from the ring that night, they signed a contract to make the match a Cage match. However, Commissioner John Hawley had added something in the contract when they both weren't looking. It wasn't just a cage match, it was a Triple Cage match.

WrestleFest II came quickly, yet neither competitor knew how to take fighting in a triple-decker cage. The first cage was kind of like a normal ladder match, only a cage was surrounding the ring. Once inside the second cage, it was pretty much a weapons and ladder match. Here things got extremely dangerous for both sides. Both Mahalia and Gemini broke through the second cage's wall, thus fighting on the first cage's roof. Members of the locker room came out, hoping to catch either person should they happen to fall. This wasn't about feuds or a TV show, this was about two human beings about to fall to possible certain death or major injury. Sure enough, Gemini got hit by his sister's signature Dragon Heel Kick and fell off the cage. Luckily for him, he was caught by Adam Tayeh, Sean Bull, and Ted Hawkins. He tried to recover quickly and climb back up the cage, but it was too late. Mahalia had already made it to the third cage where she seized the WWF title hanging above.

The Resistance (April 1999)Edit

At the next show after WrestleFest II, Gemini publicly apologized to the crowd and to his sister. He supposed falling to imminent death woke him up and snapped him out of his lust for power. He didn't want to rejoin the Rebellion, feeling he didn't deserve the opportunity, and decided to create a new stable, the Resistance, with the same three people who caught him during the cage match, turning face in the process. The first real match of the four-man tag team was an eight person tag at the April pay-per-view, Whiplash, against a combination of the Confederacy and Corporation, which the Resistance had no trouble winning.

Brief Respite and Tag Team Champion (October 1999-March 2000)Edit

After Whiplash, Gemini faded out in the background, obviously recovering from his cage match and getting over almost dying. Finally, in October of 1999, he returned with partner John Hawley, wanting in to the Tag Team Title division. Their first challengers were rival, DeLong, and his cousin, Seitz, at the October pay-per-view, All Hallow's Eve. John and Gemini won with the greatest of ease, displaying great tag team prowess. Their abilities as partners earned them a shot at the champions, Tyler Casson and Travis Turnbull, at the November pay-per-view, Survivor Games. In a close contest, and Tyler walking out on the match, Gemini and John got the victory with a Super Kick leading into Gemini's Celestial Fire.

Not even a week after winning the titles, Board of Directors member Richard Spenn declared all the titles vacant to try to get fresher faces into the title divisions. At the December pay-per-view, Pain, Gemini and John fought in a tournament that led them to face Rod's son, Matt, and girlfriend Galina in the finals. The match ended with the former champs hitting their signature moves on Matt and pinning him for the titles.

Gemini and John would go on to defend the titles at the Royal Rumble event, but they decided not to defend them at the February pay-per-view No Escape. The rumor was that Gemini had suffered an injury to his leg before the event, so the original match was changed from a Tag Team Title vs. Intercontinental Title match to a handicap Intercontinental title match between John and champion Mike Lazoen with Paige. It was a tough and grueling match, but John managed to pull off the win. At the next show, John forfeited the Intercontinental Title to continue being a Tag Team Champion with Gemini.

During the month of March leading into WrestleFest III, Adele had betrayed the Rebellion to join the traitor - and Intercontinental Champion - Adam Tayeh and former rival, Jared Matulevich, in the Impact Players. They made it their mission to take the Tag Team titles, and why not at WrestleFest? Gemini and John fought off Adele and Jared to the best of their ability, but Gemini's leg was giving him trouble. Before they could finish Jared off, Adele hit Gemini in the leg with a sledgehammer, Adam's key weapon of choice. Because of this, it agitated his injury and forced him and John to forfeit the Tag Team titles.

Return and Intercontinental Champion (May 2000)Edit

Despite the nagging leg injury, Gemini returned on May 5th to seek revenge on Adam Tayeh and the Impact Players, challenging him to defend his Intercontinental Title. In a surprise twist of fate, Gemini managed to get the victory off of his rival and winning the gold. He should've stopped there, but Gemini became cocky and challenged Adam for the WWF Championship at the Apocalypse pay-per-view. If he was going to defend the WWF Title, Gemini had to throw in the IC Title as well, title vs. title, winner take all. At the same time, he'd also have to face Mahalia and Rambo Mitts in a fatal four way elimination match. During the contest, it came down to Gemini and Adam once again. It came to no surprise when Adele interfered and struck Gemini again with a title belt, mirroring the Whiplash 1998 incident. One Pedigree later and Adam became the IC champ and retained his WWF Title.

Return to the Tag Division (November 2000-May 2001)Edit

After letting his leg fully heal, Gemini returned to the Tag Team division with John Hawley in November 2000. They quickly earned a title shot against champions X-Cutioner and Pritch Nasty at the Survivor Games pay-per-view. History seems to repeat itself with Gemini and partners betraying each other when Pritch turned on X-Cutioner to get them the title victory.

At the Royal Rumble 2001 event, Gemini and John were placed in a match against WWF professionals Faarooq and Bradshaw - the Acolytes. To their chagrin, the Impact Players had grown in numbers and surrounded the ring to make it a Lumberjack Match. The odds were evened out when Mahalia sent the remnants of the Rebellion to secure fair grounds. Despite the constant interference from both sides, Gemini and John managed to pin Bradshaw to retain.

WrestleFest IV became an all-out war for the Tag Team titles as they were placed in a Ladder Match against multiple teams. However, Gemini and John proved themselves the better of the six when they seized the titles high above the ring. The next show, even though they were exhausted, they had to defend the titles against rivals DeLong and Seitz. Though they had the match won, DeLong cheated by blowing smoke - quite literally - into Gemini's face and rolling him up for the pin.

Gemini spent a good majority of April and May training rookies Florida transfer, Ted Guthrie, Ohio native, Max Turner, and California born, Scott Whiteman, to become the new faces of the WWF. Unfortunately, word spread that the WWF was closing its doors after the Apocalypse pay-per-view. Each and every title were to be defended that night one final time and Gemini was selected to face DeLong and Seitz one more time. However, John was the Intercontinental Champion and couldn't compete in the tag match, so Gemini selected Scott to be his partner in his stead. Together, the two managed to secure Gemini's sixth Tag Team title, and possibly his last.

Extreme Internet Wrestling Federation (2001-2002)Edit

In the Beginning (August 2001)Edit


Gemini Drake as he appeared in the EIWF

A few months after the Williamsville Wrestling Federation closed its doors, Gemini was contacted by EIWF owner, Psycho, to sign up for his new fed. He thought it was a good move and immediately signed on with Kurt Angle as his tag team partner. He told Psycho about others who were willing to join, like John, Max, Scott, Meredith, and many others. The first show, held on August 4th, had him and Kurt going for the Tag Team Championships against The Undertaker and Kane. Before the show, Kurt was accidentally hit by Max's jeep, injurying him. But the show had to go on, and the two battled the Brothers of Destruction to the best of their ability. It wasn't enough and they lost the match.

After the August 6th show, when Psycho turned on the EIWF roster to form the Ministry of Darkness with the Undertaker, Gemini gathered some people to stand up to this evil force: Kurt, Max, Fluisa, Slappy, and Shawn Michaels and the entirety of D-Generation X. They called themselves the Rebellion, but the name was later dropped when it wasn't recognized as an official stable. Their defiance did, however, strike up a deal with Psycho for the pay-per-view, War. Gemini, Kurt, and Max had to face Faarooq, Bradshaw, and Kane in a six-man tag match. The catch was that Kurt - who was the Submission Champion - had to put his title on the line. If anyone won the match via submission, they won the belt in the process. It was a tough match with many tags being made and it was Gemini who won the title unintentionally when he made Faarooq tap out to a Texas cloverleaf.

At the end of the War pay-per-view, Fluisa and Slappy were both fired from the company: Fluisa for accidentally hitting Chris Jericho with an active flamethrower and Slappy for stealing the EIWF Intercontinental Championship. Gemini confronted Psycho about this and tried to get him to reconsider letting them go. His words fell on deaf ears of a stubborn, spoiled child, causing Gemini to lose his temper. After a few insults were thrown, Gemini was fired from the company and stripped of the Submission title.

Plotting a Rebellion (August 2001-September 2001)Edit

No more than 24 hours after being let go, Gemini was rehired to the company with Slappy and Fluisa after negotiating some terms. On the August 13th show, Gemini teamed with Slappy to face Faarooq and Bradshaw for the Tag Team titles, but they weren't aware that Edge and Christian had also been signed to the same bout. Unprepared, they lost the bout. It was clear as day Gemini's terms were becoming a jobber. Within the next few weeks of being kept off-screen, Gemini conspired with best friend, John, to get back at Psycho in the worst possible way, reuniting any and all members of the Williamsville Wrestling Federation in a fed war. The two convinced Max, Kurt, Scott, Ivory, Fluisa, Meredith, Taz, Meeko, X-Pac, Billy Gunn, and Shawn Michaels to go with the plan of attack. After each show, a cryptic message would be displayed, like "We are coming" and other times members of the Ministry would be found unconscious. To further the attack, they re-hired informercial legend and WWF alumnus Ron Popeil and got Rob Van Dam to become the messengers of their uprising.

August 24th was the set date of the attack. To begin, Ivory, Meredith, and Fluisa captured Psycho's girlfriend and current EIWF Women's Champion, Christina Ittner. After Psycho defeated Slappy in a singles match, he called out the one who was trying to destroy his fed. Popeil and Rob Van Dam attacked him while the others attacked the Ministry of Darkness. Gemini and John reveal themselves to be the leaders of the WWF Rebellion and challenged the EIWF to war.

The following Tuesday, the WWF took over the EIWF's show as their own to decide their returning champions in a game of Roulette. In the show's main event, it saw Gemini and Rob Van Dam facing each other for the vacant WWF Championship. All was going good for Gemini until he unintentionally knocked out the referee. Ministry member, Chris Jericho, took advantage of this and struck him with a chair. He threw RVD on top of him and forced the referee to count. Psycho's twin brother, Krazy Kid, joined in on the beating, striking both RVD and Gemini with numerous chair shots. The following show, new EIWF Commissioner, Mick Foley, asked that RVD and Gemini face each other again in a no disqualification match to make up for the lame ending from the previous one. Gemini managed to get the pin this time and became the new champion, but was immediately attacked by Jericho and Krazy Kid. The only difference was that Max Turner and Meeko sprung to the rescue to keep them at bay. It was then Mick Foley agreed to a WWF-exclusive pay-per-view, Destruction, fully inviting them to prove they were indeed a worthy opposition to the EIWF.

Gemini and RVD agreed to face each other one last time at the pay-per-view in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match for the WWF Championship. While Max and Meeko fought off Krazy Kid and Chris Jericho, it finally determined the real champion in Gemini. With the show finished, Psycho saw the WWF Rebellion leader and asked him to stay. He wasn't going to fall for it this time and told the EIWF owner to buzz off. He willingly returned Christina back to the EIWF, saying she wasn't worth their time, and that the WWF was leaving to reopen their doors. Before Gemini could leave, Psycho offered him a deal that he would listen to his demands and make the WWF invasion storyline legitimate. The rest of the meeting was believed to have gone down that there were other terms thrown in and Gemini accepted. However, this deal only led to the fall of his nine-year friendship with John.

The Extreme Sell-Out (September 2001-November 2001)Edit

At the next EIWF show, Gemini addressed the public and announced John's departure from the WWF Rebellion. However, word spreads quick on the internet and everyone in the crowd knew of the "deal" that was made. The crowd would constantly chant "You sold out!" to Gemini every time he came out. Part of the deal he made was he could sign and bring in people representing the WWF, like Ted Guthrie, Bodacia, Homoushi, and others. The next part of the deal was he could book matches that featured anything related to the WWF, like title matches. In other words, no one from the EIWF could go after a WWF title until he said so. During one of the September shows, EIWF Champion, the Undertaker, challenged Gemini to a title vs. title bout at the pay-per-view Uprising, which he accepted. However, there were those in the Rebellion that saw things differently. Adam Tayeh, long time rival and newly signed to the EIWF, sided with Meeko and Lance Storm to "cleanse the Rebellion."

Week after week, Adam, Meeko, and Storm attacked Gemini, Psycho, and anyone else that got in their way. They even went as far as calling Gemini an Extreme Sell-Out, unworthy of representing the WWF as their champion. So it was made that the WWF Championship was to be defended twice on Uprising. The first bout was Gemini against Meeko with the winner going on to face the Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match later that night. Though Gemini fought his hardest, he was no match for the hard hitting Meeko and lost the WWF Championship. It was believed he reagitated his leg injury from a year before during the match. He wanted so much to face the Undertaker, but it wasn't meant to be.

On the October 1st show, Gemini came out to blame Adam and his group for the loss of the WWF Title to the Undertaker, as well as the Cruiserweight Championship to Krazy Kid. Adam retaliates by having Meeko kidnap Mahalia and then having Lance further reinjury his leg. Despite his injury, Gemini was booked to face the Undertaker at the upcoming pay-per-view, Death Penalty, for the WWF Championship. A couple nights before the event, he was assaulted by an unknown assailant who struck him with a car. He didn't have any other choice but to name Max as his replacement in the match, which he won.

On Halloween 2001, Gemini received an unexpected phone call that led to a full length conversation and a new plan to bring down the EIWF.

Reunion and Counterattack (November 2001-December 2001)Edit

November 1st came and John Hawley had returned to the EIWF demanding Gemini to show his face. Gemini confronted his old friend, telling him how he was never needed to get the Rebellion off its feet. He brings in a chair and tells him if he truly hates him he'd strike him with it. Psycho comes out hoping to instigate the confrontation further. It was a trap to lure him out and strike him. John and Gemini had put aside their differences and reforged the friendship that was once believed to be lost.

The first order of business in the new launch of the WWF Rebellion was to see who was still on board as members. Secondly, the people who had the WWF titles had the choice of remaining the champions or turn them over and leave. Third, and most important, was getting back the titles that were lost to them and are being held by the EIWF. It wasn't until November 14th that this goal was realized. Gemini and Johnny managed to obtain the WWF Tag Team Championships in the process. This victory got the attention of Adam Tayeh's team, the Impact Players, and they were challenged for them by Lance Storm and newcomer Sean Bull at the pay-per-view, Blood Bath.

The match came, but it never happened. Before the bell rang, a masked man came into the ring and took out all four participants. Gemini and John revealed that the match was suppose to end with them getting the pin on Lance Storm, but it was obvious Psycho had other plans. Later that night, the masked man revealed himself to be a murderer on parole named Zack Degeneres. He had taken the Hardcore title from Madam Shoes and then disrupted the EIWF Title match demanding a shot. Gemini came out to confront him only to get beaten down again.

This was the last straw. The WWF Rebellion in its entirety surrounded the ring, stating it was finally time to end the war. The true leader, Rod McQuality, came out, challenging Psycho and the EIWF to a Winner Take All contest at the next pay-per-view, the Final Countdown. Each title on the line in unification bouts with the show ending with McQuality and Psycho in a final confrontation, owner vs. owner. Winner got control of the EIWF. Since Gemini and John represented the WWF's Tag Team Champions they were chosen to face the EIWF's Tag Team Champions the Hardy Boyz. Of course, Zack constantly attacked everyone demanding to be in the World Title picture, all requests being denied each time.

After surviving a month of Psycho's ranting and raving, plus dealing with Zack's constant interference, Final Countdown came. In a hard fought contest, the Hardy Boyz defeated John and Gemini in a fair contest. The entire WWF and the EIWF watched on as the two owners finally confronted. Only before the match, McQuality surrendered, but he still wanted the match with Psycho. Had he not surrendered he could've become the new owner of the company after defeating the spoiled brat.

Departure (January 2002)Edit

Gemini stayed off the scene after Final Countdown, monitoring how the WWF talent was being treated. An interesting storyline that caught his eye was Mahalia forging an alliance with Daffney and Zenkai. Together, they kidnapped Christina Ittner's kayfabe baby. Around this time, she had developed an attitude where because she's Psycho's girlfriend she believes she can negate storylines. This particular storyline got "Ittnered." Because of that, Mahalia came out and did a shoot interview before a show and ripped on the company. She told everyone she was headed to the Xtreme Wrestling Federation, Lita's fed, and took off. Gemini followed suit after commercial, arriving with John and the entire roster, stating it's time they left the company since they weren't needed. They both left, then the roster in its entirety followed suit. The EIWF was shut down effective immediately.

Return to the Williamsville Wrestling Federation (2002)Edit

Tag Team Champion and D-Generation X (January 2002-April 2002)Edit

A few weeks after the EIWF shut down, McQuality reopened the Williamsville Wrestling Federation and welcomed back many alumni members, along with new talent. The main event of the first Rare back on January 21 was to crown the new Tag Team Champions, featuring the WWF debut of Psycho and Zack Degeneres against the returning Gemini and Ahmed Johnson. No matter how hard the EIWF Originals tried to cheat they were no match for Gemini's quickness and Ahmed's strength, netting Gemini's eighth Tag Team Tite reign. The Royal Rumble came quick on the 27th of January, the following Sunday. Though Gemini tried his hardest, he wasn't able to win it, being eliminated by Kane.

The following night on Rare, Rod's son, Matt, rehired X-Cutioner and his New World Order team, who had been fired the previous night, to take over the WWF. To counteract against them, Rod figured it was time to bring in D-Generation X. This time around, D-X consisted of John Hawley, Gemini Drake, Ahmed Johnson, Meredith, Ashley Sowinski, Shawn Michaels, X-Pac, and Kane. Throughout the month of February, the two stables combated against each other, ready to drive one to the brink of destruction. While WWF Champion Adam Tayeh battled X-Cutioner in a Hell in a Cell match, D-X had to fight nWo members Tatanka, Val Venis, Rob Zombie, Road Warrior Animal, and Road Warrior Hawk in an elimination tag match, the losing team would be banished from the company. Gemini was eliminated by Val Venis, but D-X still won the match courtesy of Shawn Michaels with outside interference from the Undertaker and the Wood Brothers. The next night on Rare, Gemini and Ahmed lost the tag titles to the Butt F***ing Outlaws, Kyle and Steve, a homosexual tag team, thanks to interference from Matt.

WrestleFest V was coming up, yet Matt's obsession with power was sated. Though the nWo was gone, the xWo - the X-Cutioner World Order - was formed, consisting of Matt, X-Cutioner, Stephanie McMahon, "Stunning" Stevie Nelson, Jackie Klade, and Cletus B. Grizzly. D-Generation X was still needed to drive off this new uprising, so Gemini and Shawn Michaels were put in a tag match at WrestleFest against Matt and Stevie. Stevie betrayed Matt during the match, leaving him to be taken out by D-X. The xWo invasion was finally at its end.

Leave from TV (April 2002-June 2002)Edit

After WrestleFest, the Vice President of the Williamsville Wrestling Federation, Dark Angel, began abusing his power over the company. When Meredith had demanded a shot at Ashley, she was fired. Dragon Circle members Zenkai and Test were fired for "pissing him off," and the Television Title was retired in favor of the European Title, which Dark Angel gave himself. These actions disgusted Gemini and he left the company until people got their acts together.

Feud with John Hawley and Departure (June 2002)Edit

When ratings for the company began to decline drastically, due to the poison Dark Angel injected, WWF Champion John Hawley placed the blame on Gemini. The taunting went on throughout the different shows until he finally returned answering to the accusations. This led to a title match at the King of the Ring pay-per-view. Even though Gemini tried his utmost hardest to defeat John, he had to tap out to an ankle lock submission. Once the show was over, it was announced Gemini's contract had expired and he didn't want to negotiate terms to renew.

AW / ICW / IAW (2002-2005)Edit

Adrenaline Wrestling (2002)Edit

After the WWF shut its doors again, Cletus B. Grizzly approached Gemini and asked him to join a new federation called Adrenaline Wrestling. Unlike federations with arenas, the AW was more of a backyard wrestling fed where most shows were taped in Sherman Park. Before any shows were to be taped, the talent had to be sent to boot camp for training at the St. Cabrini Church's baseball diamond. Character development was also done at this location and Gemini was given the character of someone with a psychotic persona where he was calm one moment and crazy the next. In the boot camp, he feuded with hippy stoner Chris Smiley and was on a losing streak.

Two shows were taped for the AW, but Gemini was only available for the second taping as a commentator at first. While Evil Kitty and Miguel the Mailman were competing, AW Champion Shawn Houston attacked him, leading to an improptu match later in the show. It was more of a squash match as Gemini was beaten down with a baseball bat to end the match.

Intense Championship Wrestling (2002-2003)Edit

The AW was renamed to the ICW when Cletus had learned the name was already trademarked. Taking place in the fall of 2002, rather than the summer, the federation was on a more serious note. Shows were mainly taped in either Lincoln Park on nicer days and the ICW Arena, a.k.a. the house a nice lady allowed us to wrestle in as long as we didn't destroy the place. The first show, which was taped in September, was an outdoor show where Gemini faced Shawn Houston in a two-out-of-three falls match: first fall a regular match, second a submission match, and third - if necessary - a street fight. Gemini got the first pin by hitting a running big boot on Houston, but lost the next two falls, the third having one of the best highlites of the company where Shawn DDT'd Gemini from the top of a hill to the area below.

The next show, which was taped in-doors, saw Gemini facing ICW Champion Cletus in a title match. This was a back and forth match, but the end didn't come when Gemini hit the cutter from an elevated height... or more like off the top of a sofa. No, Cletus attempted to hit him with the title belt, but it was kicked back into his face, getting him the 1-2-3 and his first title.

Episode three of the ICW saw Gemini's first title defense against Brimstone, who had converted Cletus into the vessel of Satanic spawn, Damian. Though Damian interfered, Shawn Houston - now going under John Hawley - evened the odds, getting Gemini his first win. Immediately after, Gemini and John fought both Brimstone and Damian in a tag team match that ended in a no contest after the champ and his partner were choke slammed. In the beginning of episode four, Gemini and John started the show impersonating and parodying Damian and Brimstone's introduction as tag partners, Gemini portraying Damian as a purple coat wearing homosexual. When Brimstone dug into John's past, John left Gemini to get beaten down by the two hellish men. Later in the show, Gemini lost the ICW Title to Brimstone in the 11th Circle of Hell, a.k.a. the basement of the house. What should be noted in this match was Gemini's feet practically went through the ceiling when Brimstone hit his River Styx finisher.

In March 2003, the ICW resumed taping after a brief break for Christmas and schooling, for their big event WrestleFest in Lincoln Park. Unfortunately, it had snowed the previous night so the crew had to wrestle in colder, wetter, and muddier elements. Gemini's match in the event was against Damian to finally settle their score. The end saw Gemini hitting Damian with his Gemini Crusher move and pinning him. He then removed his sunglasses, the source of his power, and had them burned. Without the sunglasses, Cletus returned to his body.

The next show saw Gemini joining with John Hawley and Miguel to form Team USA against Cletus' Confederacy. During his match against Chris Smiley, he attempted the inverted backbreaker after locking in the Dragon Sleeper. Unfortunately, Smiley went dead weight during the move and Gemini sprained his ankle. According to him, the injury was so bad he could barely stand. Though Smiley wanted to walk out on the match, Gemini forced him to continue competing. Though he couldn't stand on his foot, he stayed long enough for Smiley to hit his Fan Approval finisher and get pinned. The injury sidelined Gemini for at least a month. When he returned, he attacked Smiley after he won the Softcore Title from Miguel. He had a match against the heavier Ghost Rider where he was choke slammed off the top of a hill to the lower area. What was scary was while Gemini was falling from the choke slam he had unintentionally turned to his stomach and fell hard, which he said nearly knocked him out.

Intense Adrenaline Wrestling (2003-2005)Edit

The ICW was renamed the IAW due to copyright. For the remainder of 2003, someone haunting the shadows kept taping segments taunting Gemini, claiming they had a score to settle. This figure was none other than Damian, the same devil spawn he had banished earlier in the year. The two finally fought in 2004 where the now masked Damian defeated his rival after two choke slams and then the Fallen Angel finisher. Despite having lost an important match, Gemini became the number one contender for the IAW title unexpectedly. He was relaxing at home when he was super kicked by Johnny Banks and challenged to a match at the event A New Dawn. The two went back and forth, but the end saw Gemini smacking Johnny in the head with a cookie sheet and pinning him.

It was announced Gemini would have to defend the IAW title against Johnny Banks in a rematch at the WrestleFest event. This time around, it was made into an "I Quit" match. Both men went back and forth again with high spots, whether it be Johnny nailing five flying elbow drops in a row - one that nearly knocked out Gemini's tooth - or five suplexes, it was an intense match. The end saw Johnny hitting his signature Shadow Kick - which left a shoe imprint on Gemini's neck - followed by an ankle lock to make him tap out.

At another show, during a match against Cletus, Gemini banged his head hard on the ground while taking a 3 Second Ride. Later on, Johnny Banks' assistant, T.Q.C. made an open challenge to anyone in the back. Gemini emerged with blue make-up smeared all over his face and acting like Goldust. After defeating T.Q.C., he addressed himself as "Pixie Dust" before leaving. This was the only time this character appeared, as Gemini stated it was a one-day only thing.

Later in the year, Johnny forfeited the IAW title and left the company. Cletus B. Grizzly and Gemini fought each other to decide the champion. Cletus ended up the victor, but it was a hard fought match. Gemini fought one more match in the IAW against a returning Brimstone. He attempted to finish him off with his new Gemini Splitter finisher, but someone hidden in the shadows began to mess with his head. Distracted with the voice he believed was in his head, he was left vulnerable to a spear from Brimstone. It was originally planned Gemini was to face Damian, the source of the interference, but Gemini decided to pursue his degree instead. He parted ways with the IAW, but said he would like to return if the company ever reopened.

Xtreme Wrestling Federation (2002-2003)Edit

Debut and European Champion (January 2002)Edit

Gemini and Ted Guthrie were dropped off to the XWF's headquarters by Steve Mitts - who happened to travel by tank. Since Mahalia was a former XWF Women's Champion at the time, Gemini and Ted were able to get in with her help. It was a surprise Lita held nothing against them despite all that happened between them in the EIWF. Almost without warning, Gemini was given a shot at the XWF European Championship against Diamond Dallas Page, which he won. Not much sooner, Ted won the Hardcore Championship.

Sometime after winning the title, Gemini was captured by Zenkai, a member of the dreaded Dragon Circle that hunted his family. This mainly used as an excuse for him to focus on the Williamsville Wrestling Federation as its Tag Team Champion.

Return to the XWF (May 2002)Edit

In May of 2002, Gemini was rescued by a debuting Max Turner. Whatever Zenkai had done to him turned his hair completely white. During the time he was gone, Chris Jericho had betrayed Mahalia for Stephanie McMahon. Before he could confront Jericho on the matter, Meredith returned to the XWF from an injury inflicted to her by Jericho. After the Natural Born Thrillers - Jared Matulevich, Mark Jindrak, Shawn Stasiak, Kronik (Brian Adams and Bryan Clark), Steven Richards, and Meredith - debuted and attacked Stephanie, Gemini confronted her on the matter. Not listening to reason, she broke off her relationship with him and had Jared go after him for the European Championship at Road to Nowhere. As the match came about, Gemini easily defeated his ex-girlfriend's hitman with the greatest of ease.

June 8th, 2002, proved to be a memorable moment in the XWF as Gemini held his seventeenth birthday party during one of the shows. While mingling with guests, someone wheeled in a giant, multi-layer, gold frosted cake, which was later revealed to have consealed Goldust inside. After his birthday party, Gemini was kept off-camera for a while. While he was gone, Stephanie McMahon's kayfabe baby - Zack - was captured. There was suppose to be a storyline to go on for a while, but it was called off short when Triple H "found" Zack. In reality, Triple H said he ended the storyline because he felt disrespected the whole time. Gemini returned right around that time, speaking with Stephanie about the incident.  He presented her a rattle he said Zack gave him. Stephanie calls him out during the show to explain himself. Gemini tells her he kidnapped Zack to teach her a lesson about messing with family. Like she and Jericho hurt Mahalia, he hurt them by separating her from her beloved son. It was a lesson Stephanie took to heart from then on. Though Jericho offered to beat Gemini down, she told him not to, for Gemini was right for what he said.

Reunion with Mahna (August 2002)Edit

It was believed Mahalia had a split personality called Mahna, but what Gemini didn't mention before was that it was her twin sister's name. While the two had some vacation time, they returned back to their childhood home where they found and located the real Mahna. Reunited, the siblings return to the states and the XWF.

Feuds for the European Championship (September 2002-November 2002)Edit

With the September pay-per-view, XWF In Your Face, coming up, Gemini had to defend his European title or risk losing it due to the thirty day defense policy. He issued an open challenge to anyone in the back to face him. He wasn't expecting Zenkai - who had vanished for a while - to answer the challenge. At the event, both men gave it their all, but Gemini wasn't so lucky. He fell victm to his opponent's Dragon's Shadow finisher and lost the title.

Gemini was suppose to get a rematch for the title, but it never happened since Matt Hardy defeated Zenkai first. It turned out Matt did it as a favor for Mahalia and challenged him to a match at the next show. Gemini was expecting a tough fight, but Matt laid down for him to get the title back. After winning the title, he took some time off to compete in the ICW, set to return again in October.

October came quick, and former EIWF and WWF star, Scott Whiteman, made his XWF debut, seeking a challenge. He made a challenge to Gemini who accepted. In between the time of the acceptance and the pay-per-view, Scott and Ivory brought in a woman from Gemini's past, Jackie. Jackie spilled her guts on their relationship and what kind of person he was during it, which only infuriated XWF Women's Tag Team Champion Meredith and Mahalia. Gemini got so close to defeating Scott at Eve of Destruction, the November pay-per-view, only what cost him was an armbar that nearly broke his arm. While trying to recover, Scott nailed him with a jumping DDT and got the pin.

Feud with the SyrKis (December 2002-January 2003)Edit

After losing to Scott, Gemini focused his attention on trying to help Meredith, Mahalia, and the Thrillers. It came to no surprise their first opposition was Chris Jericho and his new Stable, the SyrKis, consisting of Tobias Redhawk, Ethan Frost, Talon Frost, Khrys Gerichu, Spike Williams, and Kiya. Though both factions battled off and on, yet they didn't meet at the pay-per-view, Survivor Games. Instead, they battled on the first show of January. Much to the SyrKis' chagrin, Gemini managed to get Brock Lesnar signed on to their team to combat them. After a hellacious ten-man tag team match, the Thrillers ended up the winners.

Intercontinental Champion and Feud with Ted (February 2003-March 2003)Edit

With the SyrKis far behind him, Gemini concentrated on getting the Intercontinental Championship, challenging champion Christian. During their match, Christian illegally grabbed the tights as he rolled him up for a pin. Jeff Hardy, the newly appointed president of the XWF, decided it would be best if the two settled their feud in a cage match at the next show. This time around, it was Gemini who became the victor and the new champion.

After defeating Christian, Gemini was attacked by the debuting Batista, who was seeking revenge for the former IC champ. For weeks, as he recovered, the Thrillers would constantly attack the Animal for his crime. Before the feud could escalate further, Batista had left the company, even though Gemini was more than ready to take him on.

Some time after his victory, betrayal struck Gemini when Ted was brainwashed to join the Dragon Circle. The cause of this incident was after Ted returned from injury, his girlfriend, Vyxen, had found someone new in Sean O'Haire. Though Ted lost at the St. Valentine's Day Massacre pay-per-view, he wanted to take his frustration out on his former friend. It was during this time, Gemini discovered another member of his family had been in the fed, yet neither of them knew they were related, Mordred. At XWF WrestleMania, the two battled it out with Reikon - a Dragon Circle member - in Ted's corner. It was clear Gemini was the superior in the contest, yet Ted took the easy way out by striking his former teacher with a steel chair and getting disqualified. After a stare down, Gemini hit the Celestial Fire on Ted and walked away still Intercontinental Champion.

Various feuds and departure (April 2003-June 2003)Edit

With WrestleMania done, Gemini confronted Ted on his recent actions. Ted saw the error of his way and parted ways with the Dragon Circle to stay with Gemini and join the Thrillers. Though it wasn't much, Gemini was involved in pulling away Loki Wulf from Rob Van Dam and Skylar when he tried to set them on fire. On May 12th, he would lose the Intercontinental Championship to Chris Jericho. In June, Gemini and the Thrillers become the rivals of new stable, the Horror Show, led by Raven and Christian. Before the feud could further escalate, Gemini was let go of his contract. It turns out that there were big plans set for him and the members of his family had the company stayed in business. Whatever they were only Mahalia and Jeff Hardy knew them.

Intense Wrestling Federation (2003)Edit

Road to Pestilence (September 2003)Edit

Gemini was approached by former colleague in the Willamsville Wrestling Federation, Kali, who invited him to join her federation, the IWF. To his surprise, he was placed in the World Title tournament that was going to conclude at the pay-per-view, Pestilence, on September 28th. His opponent was none other than former WWF co-worker, Mark Little, under the guise of Dr. Chocolate Hungryman. Though they broke the ring in their bout, Gemini got the win by pinning him. He became one of six people to enter the Elimination Chamber, the others being Rambo Mitts, Kane, the Undertaker, X-Cutioner, and Slappy. He was the third man to enter the match, but the second eliminated.

All Hallow's Eve and various feuds (October 2003-November 2003)Edit

Gemini's first order of business was eliminating the man who nearly killed him and John back in June, Adam Pyro. Since they were putting on a show in Illinois, Gemini fought him in the backyard of the St. Cabrini Church in a No Holds Barred contest. Gemini won by knock-out, then was reunited with John, who was going by the name Johnny Banks. The next show, Johnny, Ted, and Tazz brutally beat down Adam, then threw him in a flaming dumpster, hopefully killing him.

Gemini had hopes of going for the IWF Title, but kept getting screwed over when Kane constantly interfered. When it came down to the two finally meeting, Kane demolished him, with help from Doris and Nick Smiths. After the match, Kane choke slammed him through a flaming table.

He returned after the All Hallow's Eve pay-per-view, seeking to take revenge on Nick Smith and his Nightmares stable. Him and Nick had a cage match the following Friday show, which he lost. They were to meet again at the Survivor Games pay-per-view where Gemini teamed with Rambo Mitts, Ty Willem, and Ted against Nick, Synn, Kurt Angle, and Crowbar. However, the federation closed down before the event took place.

Williamsville Wrestling Federation (2004)Edit

Feud with the Crack WaltzesEdit

Once the Williamsville Wrestling Federation reopened its doors in July 2004, Gemini returned as Johnny Banks' partner. Since Johnny was the WWF Champion, he was the target for the Crack Waltzes - a team consisting of Ron Popeil, Martha Stewart, Tony Little, John Tobias, and Ted Turner. Gemini came out each time with either Shawn Michaels or Chris Jericho to drive them away. At the Great American Bash pay-per-view, he battled both Popeil and Tony in a handicap match. It was a hard fought battle, but Gemini managed to get the victory making Tony tap to the New Shit submission.

Though the Crack Waltzes were humiliated at the Bash, they continued to attack Johnny, Gemini, Jericho, and Michaels during each show. After Gemini defeated Randy Orton - who was trying to get a WWF contract - the Waltzes attacked again. However, Gemini and Orton were able to drive them off. It was announced the following week Gemini had to face Tony Little at the Desert Heat pay-per-view with the Crack Waltzes surrounding the ring in a Lumberjack Match. With the Waltzes constantly interfering, it seemed like Tony was going to win. However, Gemini was able to get past their trickery and get the win after hitting the Blazing Star springboard bulldog. The Waltzes beat him down after the match, then Ted Turner brings out his new bodyguard, Brock Lesnar, who has Mahalia. Gemini begs Turner to let Mahalia go, but its to no avail. He has Lesnar F5 Mahalia neck first into the turnbuckle, injuring her neck.

On the road to the Redemption pay-per-view, Gemini targeted Lesnar while fighting off the other Crack Waltzes. During these confrontations, he accidentally struck Meredith with a chain when he was trying to hit Lesnar. The two meet at the pay-per-view, with Ted Turner in the Next Big Thing's corner. It was during this match Lesnar tried every dirty trick in the game, even going as far as to copy Gemini's moves, like the New Shit and Gemini Crusher. After many near falls, near count outs, the end finally came when Lesnar went to the top rope and Gemini kicked him in the head. After Lesnar drops from the turnbuckle, Gemini covered him and put his feet on the ropes to insure a victory. He proceeds to beat Lesnar down with a steel chair for good measures afterward.

Gemini finally challenges Ted Turner to a one-on-one match at the Halloween Havoc pay-per-view. However, this match was going to be different than any other one in the history of the WWF. It was going to be a Braves Tomahawk Match where the competitors are to continue fighting until each limb is chopped off after each pin fall. It was no brainer who was going to win. Gemini got four pins and one submission before severing Turner's arms, legs, and his head with hatchets.

Williamsville Wrestling Federation (2005-2009)Edit

Return and WWF Champion (October-December 2005)Edit

Gemini returned to the WWF on Halloween 2005. Bret Tucker, the newest heel, was convinced he was the new owner and tried to give himself all the titles. However, the true C.E.O., John Michael, revealed he was in charge and made him defend all the titles at once. After Bret lost all his titles, but the World Title, Gemini was chosen to face him and hit the crook with the Gemini Splitter for his third title reign. No sooner than winning the belt, he was challenged by Cletus B. Grizzly at the Survivor Series in November. During the match, Bret attacked Cletus, costing him the title. Gemini questioned Bret's motives and revealed he married into his family by marrying his cousin's cousin. Since their somewhat family - not really at all - he claims the champion owed him. The two met at Armageddon in December, where despite Gemini's best efforts, couldn't defeat his "not-cousin" courtesy of a low blow.

Intercontinental Champion (April-September 2006)Edit

On April 17th, Cletus made an open challenge with his Intercontinental Title on the line. Gemini answered it, and managed to get the victory after countering Cletus' Three Second Ride finisher into his Gemini Splitter. The two met again at Backlash that month, with many believing Gemini was going to be another transitional champion like Mark Little before him. This prediction was able true after the Trailer Trash Terror hit his Three Second Ride, but the champion was conscious enough to roll him for the victory.

Gemini continued defending the Intercontinental Title throughout May, but his next storyline came up around June. Blake White, a notorious thief, tried to steal the IC Title to sell it for "merchandise". At the Great American Bash, Gemini fought the thief to an easy victory, as it was later revealed Blake was intoxicated before the match. The next night on Rare, Gemini would lose the title to a returning Fluisa.

Cletus had defeated IC champion Smokey by spitting beer in his face on the August 14th edition of Rare. The following week, Gemini challenged him to put the title on the line at Summerslam. Cletus swore this contest wouldn't be like it was at Backlash. It was a straightforward contest, with neither one wanting to give an inch. Cletus tried to spit beer in Gemini's face, but he saw it coming, and the referee got it instead. With the referee down, Smokey appeared out of nowhere and threw kitty litter in Cletus' face, allowing Gemini enough time to hit the Gemini Crusher for the pin, and his third Intercontinental Title.

With SummerSlam over, Gemini was approached by Sam, asking for a shot at the Unforgiven pay-per-view in September. Being a true champion, and a good sport, he accepted. The weeks leading into the event, the duo had to ward off Cletus and Bret Tucker away from them. The match between Sam and Gemini was a good old fashioned match, but Gemini got too ahead of himself trying to hit a moonsault and missing. The impact caused his bad knee to almost give out, giving Sam an advantage by applying his Figure Four Leglock. Gemini was close to the ropes, but he couldn't make it to them and had to tap.

Pixie Dust and Stacker 4 (August-November 2006)Edit

Around SummerSlam, Gemini started to experience a split personality, his former Pixie Dust persona from the IAW. Pixie - a blue version of Goldust - became the mentor to newcomer Mike Perkins, leading them to tag team victory after victory. Together, the duo won the Tag Team Titles at Unforgiven against Stalker Sean and Luke. This took place before Gemini's match against Sam. At No Mercy, the following month, the duo were successful in defending the titles against the Rainbow Express - Sugar Shane and Hunny Humperton - with Perkins doing all the work. That same night, Gemini was involved in a fatal-four way for the World Title against champion Shawn Michaels, Big Show, and Smokey in a Stacker 4 match. The layout of the match was as followed: a steel cage surrounded the ring, followed by the Hell in a Cell. On top of the cell was a ladder leading to the rafters, with the title hanging above the lighting rig. In between the two structure are lumberjacks with cattleprods - Adam Tayeh, Bret Tucker, Lee Downs, and Branden Fortney. This was an eventful match, as Big Show came close to getting the belt only to lose his grip and fall off the lighting rig and crashing through the cell and breaking the ring. Everyone tried everything to seize the title, but it was difficult with no way up. Big Show won the match using a rocket chair to get the title. On the November 6th Rare, Pixie Dust and Perkins lost the tag titles to Adam Tayeh and Matt McQuality. Following their loss, Pixie Dust seemed to fade from Gemini's subconscious for the time being.

Partnering with Big Show (December 2006)Edit

After a month of a half later from the brutal Stacker 4 match, Gemini returned on the December 11th Rare to face Adam and Matt for the Tag Team Titles with Big Show as his partner. Fill-in C.E.O. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin makes the match and books John Michael to be the referee. John tried to be a fair and partial referee, but the champions kept pushing his buttons to the point of no return. He super kicks Matt into a Big Show choke slam, getting Gemini another Tag Team Title victory. At Armageddon that month, they would lose the titles to the Rainbow Express as Adam distracts Gemini.

Feud with the Richmond Family (January-June 2007)Edit

Gemini was going to qualify for the Royal Rumble, but was thrown out of the race by rich bigot Fred Richmond when his wife, Stacy, got involved. For weeks, Gemini did everything he could to make the rich snobs' lives a living hell but costing them their matches left and right. At the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, he defeated Fred to gain the services of Stacy as his valet. A month later, at No Way Out, he defeated Fred again, this time getting his pomeranian, Mo, as his other manager. Finally, Fred and Gemini met at WrestleFest VI in a "Stacy On A Pole" match, winner got both Stacy and Mo. Gemini fought his hardest, but came up short when Fred went for his injured knee with his infamous Unemployment Line.

In April, Gemini and John - now the WWF Champion - found themselves battling against Stalker Sean yet again, this time the madman impersonating the recently retired Shawn Michaels. To make matters worse, he's aided by Fred financially. A match is made at Backlash, courtesy of new General Manager, Jerry Lawler, in a triple threat match - John against Sean and Gemini. The best friends battled the stalker with everything they had. John was ready to hit him with a super kick until Gemini hits him with a big boot, allowing Sean to get the win.

The following night on Rare, Gemini revealed he didn't want to betray John, but he had to. It turned out Fred and Stalker Sean blackmailed him - throw the match to Sean or have his family killed. Sean feigned ignorance until Lawler discovered it was true. On the May 7th Rare, Gemini is put in a match against Sean for the WWF Title, at the same time Lawler books a tag match at Judgment Day - Gemini and John against Sean and Fred. During the WWF Title match, John assists his best friend getting the title win. At Judgment Day, the two demolish Fred and Sean in a one-sided contest.

Feud with The Corporation (June-November 2007)Edit

On the June 4th Rare, Gemini put his title on the line in a triple threat against Adam Tayeh and John, which John ended up getting the win after pinning Tayeh. A week later, Lawler introduced the Softcore Title and make Gemini the inaugural champion. Throughout June, he defended this bizarre title while at the same time backing up John against Adam. After John lost the title to their rival on July 2nd, Gemini stepped up to challenge him. However, Matt McQuality made the following stipulation: if Gemini lost he could never go for the title as long as Adam was champ. During this feud, Matt cost Gemini the Softcore Title to Adam's partner, Bret Tucker. At Vengeance, it looked like he was going to regain the title, but Matt interfered. He blocked the pompous snob's low blow attempt, however he wasn't able to pin the champion.

At SummerSlam, a month later, Corporation members Andy Orton and Josh Elmore won the Tag Team titles for the second time and tried to claim they were the best champions ever. Gemini, offended by the comment, challenged them to put their titles on the line at that moment if they were so great. The champs mocked him since he had no partner, until little brother Aaron answered the call. The brothers were able to successfully win the titles, but lost them back to Orton and Elmore on the September 10th Rare. That same night, newest Corporation member Stalker Sean - who had won the European, Intercontinental, and Softcore Titles - melted the three belts into a spinner title. Lawler appointed Gemini to face the stalker at Unforgiven. Though Gemini tried, he was defeated after Sean hit him with a chain wrapped around his fist.

October was the month where the Corporation grew in numbers and power, each member having a title belt. Gemini - being the rebel he's famous for being - challenged Mr. McQuality's authority once again. This led to Gemini being booked in a match against Stalker Sean again with the stipulation being if Gemini lost he couldn't go for any title ever again. The match was all in his favor until the Corporation interfered, once again allowing the stalker to get the victory.

Despite not being able to go for any title, the returning Slappy and Meeko found a loophole in the contract. It said he couldn't go for any "active" title. On November 5th, Gemini bought the Hardcore Title from the two, as well as reinstating its 24/7 ruling. Upon doing so, new GM Chris Jericho lifted the ban from Gemini the following week. He immediately challenged the Intercontinental Champion, Branden Fortney, a Corporation member. While Branden argued with Jericho, Gemini got him with the splitter for his fourth IC title reign.

Feud with Pritch Nasty (December 2007-June 2008)Edit

With the Corporation vanquished, Gemini felt he had no more competitors for the Intercontinental Title. He was surprised when Pritch Nasty, a former jobber, won a number one contendership match. With the history these two had in the past, everyone assumed Gemini would win. He got too cocky and fell victim to the Feeding Time piledriver, allowing Pritch to get the win. What disgust him was the week later, Pritch started to use something called the Smoke-O-Meter, since he has the record of holding the IC title for 22 weeks. It was obvious the big man wanted to break it, but Gemini wouldn't let that happen. At Armageddon, he got his rematch and put on one heck of a show. He went for the Gemini Splitter only Pritch is too big to turn into it. The end came after Pritch hit a crossbody from the second rope.

February came quick and Gemini had been on the sidelines nursing an injury sustained at Armageddon. However, on the February 4th Rare, he returned to participate in a 30-minute scramble match for the WWF Title. He won it at one point, a reign that still counts, but he quickly lost to a rampaging Big Show. Despite not having walked out the champion, he had other plans in mind and called out Pritch for a rematch at No Way Out in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. This contest started in the locker room and went into a brawl in the backstage area. The action finally went back into the ringside area after Gemini threw Pritch threw a popcorn machine. The end saw Gemini trying to go for a small package, but both competitors' shoulders were pinned down, resulting in a tie. GM Chris Jericho stated that from that point on they both the Intercontinental Champion, and if one lost both would lose. Later that night, Gemini answered an open challenge for the Tag Team Titles and won them with Pritch as his partner.

Throughout the reminder of February into March, Gemini proposed a final challenge at WrestleFest VIII: a ladder match to determine the true Intercontinental Champion. Before WrestleFest, Gemini became the final Hardcore Champion, winning it from Smokey. At the event, he cost Pritch the Tag Team Titles to Women's Champion Gen and her sister Amber, hoping to soften him up for the later match. Everyone knew ladder matches weren't Pritch's forte, thus giving Gemini an advantage. It was known that Pritch was at the fifteen week mark for his IC Title, but it was at that point it stopped after Gemini big boots him off the ladder and grabbing the title for himself. From April on, he defended it against people like the Big Show and Rufus until the June 2nd Rare Pritch returned from injury, wanting a rematch. This was a more vicious Pritch, proving to be a real challenge this time. Gemini's title reign ended with a single spear from the big man. The two later met at the King of the Ring pay-per-view, but it was another losing attempt after Fred Richmond interfered.

Three-Way War (September-November 2008)Edit

After dealing with Fred one more time, Gemini found himself waging war on Cletus B. Grizzly and his White Trash Family - Bertha Butchwacker, Babs, and Referee Leon Hart - with John Michael, Mark Little, and Adam Tayeh. Around this time, a group of angry women - the Feminists, consisting of Karma Sabich, Reverend Mother, and even Bertha - rose up again to try to establish female dominance. With Bertha on Cletus' side, it seemed like the WTF made an alliance. This trust was shattered at Unforgiven when Leon turned on the WTF and joining the Feminists with his new lover, Sugar Shane. Later that night,Gemini, John, Adam, and Mark faced off against the Feminists themselves in an elimination style tag team match. Adam showed his true colors by turning on his team for the Feminists.

On October 6th, a fatal four way for the WWF Title took place consisting of Adam, Gemini, Mark, and Cletus. Karma - despite her anti-male perspective - stood by Adam the whole time. Bertha turned on the WTF by siding with Adam, getting him the title. Gemini later stood in John's corner at No Mercy with Cletus to encourage him in his fight against Adam for the title. After John won the title, Karma - the new Intercontinental Champion - still claimed they were stronger than before. GM Kurt Angle changed this by firing the Feminists, claiming their ranting and raving were crossing the line of a suitable working environment.

It was announced at Survivor Series that all the original titles were to be retired to make room for brand new ones. Gemini was chosen to participate in a triple threat match for the WWF and Intercontinental Titles against John and IC Champ Big Show. Gemini was so close to winning the match, but he came up short yet again as John walked out the winner.


Gemini qualified for the Royal Rumble at number two, but was eliminated half-way through the actual match. At No Way Out, a triple threat match took place for the number one contendership for the new Universe Championship between Gemini, John, and Royal Rumble winner Mike Perkins. During this contest, somehow, someway, all three competitors managed to pin each other, resulting in a three-way tie. So at WrestleFest IX, it was a fatal-four way between the three and the champion Bret Tucker. When the smoke cleared, so to speak, Gemini stood tall as the new Universe Champion. After WrestleFest, it was announced the WWF was going to go into hiatus after Backlash. He defended it a month later at Backlash against Adam Tayeh, so it seemed like he was going to be the final Universe Champion, until Money in the Bank winner Smokey cashed in and won it at the last second.

World Wrestling Elite (2007-2013)Edit

The World Wrestling Elite was an alternate version of the Williamsville Wrestling Federation that takes place in an alternate timeline. In this federation, Gemini played a similar role to that of his WWF counterpart in rebelling against Mr. McQuality and his Corporation. John Michael remained at his side along with Mark Little, Gen, and the Big Show. He would go on to win the WWE's World Heavyweight Championship four times, it's United States Championship three times, the World Tag Team Championships four times - three with John Michael and one with CM Smoke - and even securing the Television Championship twice along with the Hardcore Championship three times. Most of his feuds included McQuality's Corporation cronies: Adam Tayeh, Eddie Hordong, Paige, DeLong, and Stalker Sean, even feuding with stables like the Butt-Fucking Outlaws, the Straight Edge Society Brotherhood, and even the Unwanted. Information on the federation's match history and pay-per-views were unfortunately not recorded, though.

Intense Adrenaline Wrestling (2013)Edit

Gemini confirms he will be a part of the IAW Reunion Special as he'll be facing Johnny Banks. No details of the show are known at this time either than that.

Unfortunately, said reunion special never took place.

Extreme Internet Wrestling Federation (2013)Edit

Gemini Drake hosts a special documentary with Jerry "The King" Lawler entitled History of the EIWF, a ten-part story recapping the story of the corrupt company.


Sometime in-between 2006-2012, Gemini took part in the indie federations, particularly the Hell Championship Wrestling. There he teamed with long time friend John Michael - as Johnny Banks - where the two won Tag Team gold twice. He had won their Intercontinental Title by defeating John Tobias in a tournament, and finally winning the company's new Tag Team titles, the Hell Tag Team Titles, with brother Aaron.

At one point in time, Gemini had gone under the moniker of Astro Z, disguised as a Super Sentai-esque character to fight against the stable Game Crazy.

The final storyline saw Gemini with Johnny leading an IAW rebellion with Cletus B. Grizzly, Inferno, and Brimstone in their ranks.

In WrestlingEdit

Finishing MovesEdit

  • Death Note (Kilswitch[1]) - (2015-present) - adopted from Christian
  • Gemini Splitter (Killswitch[2] into Diamond Cutter[3]) - (2004-2015)
  • Blazing Star/Toreador (Springboard Bulldog[4]) - (2003-current) - adopted from Trish Stratus
  • Celestial Fire (Double arm chickenwing headlock slam or cobra clutch slam[5]) - (1998-2003)
  • Gemini Cutter (Diamond Cutter) - (2002-2003) - adopted from Diamond Dallas Page
  • Gemini Crusher (Sitdown Facebuster) - (2003-2010) - adopted from X-Pac - used as a signature move
  • The New Shit (Kneeling Gorilla Clutch[6]) - (2005-2008) - used as a signature move
  • Xena Pinch (Index and middle fingers on both hands jabbing into sides of the neck) - (1998)
  • Shattered Dreams[7] (Running kick to a corner hung opponent's groin) - (2004, 2006) - as Pixie Dust

Signature MovesEdit

  • Dragon Sleeper
  • Inverted facelock backbreaker - adopted from Christian
  • Gemini Crusher (Sitdown facebuster)
  • Big Boot - standing or running
  • Karate kick combination (kick from right leg, then left, then right, then big boot)
  • Christo (tilt-a-whirl headscissors armbar[8])
  • Moonsault
  • Spear
  • Crippler Crossface

Double Team MovesEdit

  • With John Michael
    • Super Kick (John)/Celestial Fire (Gemini)
    • Super Kick (John)/Gemini Cutter (Gemini)
    • Super Kick (John)/Gemini Crusher (Gemini)
    • Super Kick (John)/Gemini Splitter (Gemini)
    • Dragon Sleeper (Gemini)/Flying elbow drop (John)
    • Ankle Lock (John)/Crippler Crossface (Gemini)



  • The Pale Dragon/Geminem - whenever he bleaches his hair
  • The Psycho (AW/ ICW/ IAW)
  • Crazy Hair (ICW) - whenever his hair grows out too long
  • Rebel Leader (WWF/EIWF)
  • "Extreme Sell-Out" (EIWF)
  • Blue Lightning (current) - a tribute to Flik from the "Suikoden" series

Entrance ThemesEdit

Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit

Williamsville Wrestling FederationEdit

  • WWF World Championship (5 times)
  • WWF Intercontinental Championship (6 times)
  • WWF Television Championship (1 time)
  • WWF Hardcore Championship (2 times)
  • WWF Softcore Championship (1 time)
  • WWF Tag Team Championships (12 times) - 4 with John Hawley, 1 with Scott Whiteman, 1 with Ahmed Johnson, 1 time with Miguel the Mailman, 2 with Chris Cook, 1 with Big Show, 1 with Mike Perkins (as Pixie Dust), 1 with Pritch Nasty
  • WWF Universal Championship (1 time)
  • 2016 Hall of Fame

Extreme Internet Wrestling FederationEdit

  • EIWF Submission Championship (1 time)

Xtreme Wrestling FederationEdit

  • XWF European Championship (2 times)
  • XWF Intercontinental Championship (1 time)

Intense Championship Wrestling / Intense Adrenaline WrestlingEdit

  • ICW Championship
  • IAW Championship

World Wrestling EliteEdit

  • WWE World Heavyweight Championship (3 times)
  • WWE United States Championship (3 times)
  • WWE World Tag Team Championships (4 times) - 1 w/CM Smoke, 3 w/John Michael
  • WWE Television Championship (2 times)
  • WWE Hardcore Championship (3 times) - inaugural champion
  • 2010 King of the Ring Winner
  • 2011 King of the Ring Winner

Hell Championship WrestlingEdit

  • HCW Intercontinental Championship
  • HCW Tag Team Championship (2 times) - w/Johnny Banks
  • HCW Hell Tag Team Championship - w/Aaron Thomas


  • Gemini is known for wearing various necklaces throughout his wrestling career. Throughout 1998-1999, he wore a griffin claw with a clear orb. In 2000, he wore a dragon necklace. From 2006 on he's worn the blue pendant as featured in his profile picture. This was his very first import from Japan, a replica of Suzanna Julia von Wincott's necklace from Kyou Kara Maou.
  • Gemini has a tendency to bleach his hair on certain occassions. However, due to a tragic event on November 1, 2012, he vowed to never do it again.
  • He named his springboard bulldog move after his late dog, Toreador - a Corgi/Pug mix - who passed away from illness in 2012.
  • Despite having a good career in the fanfiction/e-fed/video game federations, when it comes to the real life wrestling he's not as successful as his fictional counterpart.
  • Gemini states he never goes for World Titles because he doesn't see himself being a good one, hence why each of his reigns have been so short.
  • Gemini models his fighting styles and mannerisms after Christian. Ironically, the two became rivals in the Xtreme Wrestling Federation.
  • He's listed as the Williamsville Wrestling Federation's greatest Tag Team Champion, not because of his many reigns, but because he can adapt to any partner he teams with, even the ones he doesn't want.
  • Gemini stated when him and John Michael split during the EIWF it was the worst decision he ever made. He blames the event on his ignorant teenage youth.
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