Ice Queen

Real Name:

Ice Queen


Link: The Faces of Evil (1993)

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Main Weapon:



YouTube Poop RPG: The Quest for YouTube (2011)



Portrayed by:

Natalie Brown

The Ice Queen is a minor character from Link: The Faces of Evil.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The Ice Queen has pale white skin and lavender eyes. She wears a long skirt blue dress exposing her pale shoulders with spiked out edges around the collar and back. She wears a light violet pointed crown with a blue veil coming down it, consealing her hair. She wears a purple crystal around her neck on a silver chain.


True to her name, the Ice Queen is quite cold to everyone she speaks to, lacking any emotion. She will still assist people who fight for the right, but will cast them aside afterward and vanishing.


The Ice Queen has the ability to teach people how to reflect magic as long as they give her a certain crystal. She can also teleport away with a flick of her wand. In the Quest for YouTube, she uses many ice spells.


Link: The Faces of EvilEdit

The Ice Queen sends Link to Fortress Centrum to acquire the "Treasure of Death", which turns out to be a "reflecting crystal". Once he obtains it and gives it to her, she enchants his shield with the crystal, so that it "curses the curser with twice the curse".

The Quest for YouTubeEdit

The Ice Queen reprises her role of teaching Link Reflect. However, she can be recruited as a playable character if Link knows how to use the Rain of Swords technique.


After the battle is over, the Ice Queen vanishes again.

Special AttacksEdit

Reflect - The Ice Queen puts up a shield of light to reflect magical attacks back at the enemy.

Ice Rain - The Ice Queen makes it rain icicles on the enemies.


  • The Ice Queen was added as a playable character because the Creator found her an interesting character.
  • She is not to be mistaken for the Ice Queen from "Adventure Time with Finn and Jake".
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