"Triforce of Wisdom promises..."

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Legend of Zelda (1987)
Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon (1993)

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YouTube Poop RPG: The Quest for YouTube (2011)



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Eve Kampf

Impa serves as the housemaid of Zelda and caretaker of the Triforce of Wisdom. Unlike her video game counterpart, she takes the appearance of an old woman rather than a strong Amazonian-like warrior.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Impa is an elderly Hylian woman with long white hair and blue eyes. Like the other Hylians, she has pointed ears. She mainly wears dark blue robes and a blue hairband.


Impa is a kind and caring woman, loyal to her princess and to the royal family. She worries constantly of her well-being and will do anything to protect her, as seen whenever Cousin Mel and I.M. Slime are present. She's portrayed a lot in YouTube Poops as either a lesbian, a whore, or a megalomaniacal sadist.


Impa has the ability to foresee many events through the Triforce of Wisdom. She predicts the safe return of The King and Link, though it had to be through Zelda that it happens. In the Quest for YouTube, she possesses some of the most powerful healing spells.


Zelda: The Wand of GamelonEdit

Taking the role of Zelda's nurse like in the canon games, Impa first uses the Triforce of Wisdom to ascertain that the King will safely return from Gamelon. When Link and the King go, but do not return, she goes with Zelda to Gamelon. She then essentially fills the role of Gwonam, providing advice, using the Triforce of Wisdom.

The Quest for YouTubeEdit

Impa reprises her role from the Wand of Gamelon by following Zelda to Gamelon. After defeating Master Purin, Cousin Mel, and I.M. Slime, she joins the YouTube Poop Unification Squad.


Impa continues to watch over Zelda as she did before.

Special AttacksEdit

Triforce of Wisdom: By using the Triforce, Impa makes a magical shield appear around all her allies, increasing their defenses as well as dispelling any and all status effects.

Nayru's Love: Drawing energy from the Triforce of Wisdom, Impa shines a blue light over her allies. The light restores any and all lost health or restores status effects.


  • Impa is probably one of the more powerful characters early on in the game with her healing and defensive abilities. One should focus on leveling her up before the finale of Act I.
  • If Impa could foresee events with the Triforce of Wisdom, why couldn't she use it to reveal who was the one behind this whole mess?
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