Kagami Hiiragi
"What the heck are you saying?! It's totally gay, now stop it!"

Real Name:

Kagami Hiiragi


Lucky Star (2004)

Home World:


Main Weapon:



YouTube Poop RPG: The Quest for YouTube (2011)


Alive (main story)
Unknown (King's Epic Adventure)

Portrayed by:

Kari Wahlgren

Kagami Hiiragi is one of the main characters in Lucky Star. She is the tsundere in the group and a stereotypical tsukkomi character. She's Tsukasa's older sister.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Kagami's physique is average. She has long, purple hair with a black ribbon tied into pig tails, and unlike Tsukasa, she has indigo colored sharp eyes. She wears the same high school uniform as Konata and the other girls.


Kagami is also a bit egotistical, and is somewhat weak in common household chores such as cooking and cleaning. Kagami is constantly attempting to hide the fact that she has a deep sense of attachment to her friends. She also seems to take a twisted delight in mocking Konata's smaller-than-average physique, her lack of motivation and her tendency to be a troublemaker, which usually results in Konata becoming very defensive. Kagami is always talking about losing unwanted weight, once she loses a few kilograms she always seems to gain them back again in the blink of an eye, (all because of her eating habits), Konata always seems to make a joke out of it as well by offering Kagami a pocky stick or teasing her saying her internal food alarm clock is broken. Kagami likes reading light novels with some pictures unlike Konata who is always reading manga. Kagami is a very good team leader as well and likes to get things done.


Kagami possesses healing powers and can breathe fire.


The Quest for YouTubeEdit

Kagami appears in Konata's room after defeating her in Mutant Rampage Bodyslam. She joins with her.

The King's Epic AdventureEdit


DS Kagami

Kagami travels with Konata and the other Lucky Star girls, insulting the King and causing him trouble. Konata draws a caricature of her in the DS for the King to fight, one that breathes fire at will. When Solid Snake and Otacon attack the YouTube Poop Master, they're blown all the way to Dr. Robotnik's stage where Konata and Snake fight. During the battle, Kagami takes the DS and begins doodling on the King. Had Kagami not done this, Snake would've been trapped within it. After Tomo and the King fight, Kagami and Tsukasa are captured by the S.S.S.S. Squad where they're to be raped.


Kagami pretends she hated the adventure, but smiles about it every now and then, despite the fact Tsukasa's forever traumatized by the events.

Special AttacksEdit

Flame Breath - An enraged Kagami breathes fire out of her mouth.


  • The caricature Kagami makes constant appearances in the Bodyslam tournaments after the King's Cup.
  • Kagami's healing abilities are inspired by her MMORPG character.
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