Link: The Faces of Evil (1993)


Crater Cove
Firestone Lake
Fortress Centrum
Ganon's Lair
Harlequin Bazaar
Hermit Flat
Serigon Caves
Shipwreck Cliff
Spearfish Falls

Koridai is an island which forms the setting for Link: The Faces of Evil.

Koridai is an island republic that is predominantly barren and mountainous. The frigid regions of Nortinka is home to the court scholars of the island. The forested region of Spearfish Falls is home to a witch and houses the fairies. Small fishing settlements are found on the coastlines. The face of Goronu is a burial ground where necromancy is commonplace. Harlequin Bazaar is an extravagant city within the face of Harlequin that serves as a casino. The face of Militron is a military establishment to train new-turned minions to kill. The face of Lupay is the most strange. Toyku Lighthouse houses one of the few veterans who fought Glutko and lived. The face of Glutko guards the way to the Shrine of Koridai. The old Fortress Centrum seemingly served as parliament until it was destroyed by Ganon and is also where Zelda is believed to be imprisoned.