Real Name:



Mario is Missing! (1992)

Home World:

Mushroom Kingdom

Main Weapon:



YouTube Poop RPG: The Quest for YouTube (2011)



Ultimate Skill:

Meteor Strike

Weegee is an overused Internet meme of the YouTube Poop universe, and was at one point one of the most threatening powers in the universe. It wasn't until he battled Link in a one-on-one battle he lost all credibility as a character. He's usually paired with Malleo and Yushee, sometimes merging into the dreaded WeeMallSheeGas. He's the evil doppleganger of Luigi.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Weegee looks very similar to Luigi except he has a deadpan stare at all times.


Weegee has no personality. He only knows how to destroy and spread his Weegee Virus. He's only shown to be angered whenever he's bleeding or if someone calls him gay.


Weegee is among the most powerful beings in the YouTube Poop universe. Powerups can allow others to match and even exceed Weegee, but his own transformations place him far beyond the power of most characters.

While Weegee can fight in melee using his fists to great effect (even going as far as to bite opponents with razor-sharp teeth), his signature attacks are cast using his eyes. He can use his Weegee Virus to turn people into copies of him, but this tends to fail when facing powerful opponents. He then uses his eyes to cast either powerful, massive beam attacks like Death Stare or Mystic Stare, or blast down enemies in a hail of smaller bolts with Rapid Fire. His ultimate attack is his Overlimit, a giant ball of fire he charges up and hurls down on enemies. Weegee also has a powerful regeneration factor and can heal himself on top of that, making him hard to kill.

When he's really in a pinch, he'll merge his soul with Malleo and Yushee to create WeeMallSheGas.


The Quest For YouTubeEdit


Weegee's fused form, WeelMallSheegas.

Weegee only appears during Mutant Rampage Bodyslam in multiple tournaments. Sometimes he'll fight alone, or he'll fight alongside Malleo and Yushee. In the Final Act, if all the tournaments are cleared, the player can challenge Weegee again in the Platinum Cup. Here he merges with Malleo and Yushee to form WeeMallSheeGas. Should the player defeat it, it's possibly the end of Weegee and his cronies once and for all.


  • Despite being a powerful entity, Weegee doesn't have his "stare" as an attack in the Quest for YouTube game.
  • Weegee is quite easy if the player uses Reflect on all the characters.

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